Life Science Consumable Engineer

Dr. Jose A. Wippold; Consultant Engineer

Dr. Wippold is an engineer specializing at the interface of biology, technology, and automation who is determined to advance humankind's ability to obtain information.

Scope of Work

Bridging Labs to Markets: Transforming Microfluidic Breakthroughs into Real-World Solutions

Synthetic Biology

Enhancing the precision and scalability of synbio applications by providing precise control over microenvironments and enabling high-throughput experimentation


Developing solutions for precision sample handling and facilitating the integration of multiple analytical processes on a miniaturized scale

In-Vitro Diagnostics

Enabling rapid and cost-effective analysis of small sample volumes, enhancing automation, and integration of diverse functions to be engineered on a single platform

Multi-Omic Workflows

Leveraging high-throughput single-cell analysis approaches and dynamic control over biochemical microenvironment to advance the depth and efficiency of multi-omic investigations

Biotech Stock/Equity Analysis

Providing market intelligence, technology assessment rigor, valuation models, risk assessment, and pipeline & product analysis metrics

Full Product Cycle Translation

Strategizing recommendations on partnerships, collaborations, or licensing agreements. Providing subject matter expertise to advise on viable options for pushing the project forward towards market based on customer needs.